General POP mail client configuration

The following article explains general configuration
basics for most POP email client applications:

1. Click Tools or Accounts menu. Click Account Settings.
2. Click Add Email Account.
3. Enter your name and full email address.
5. Select POP as the incoming server type.
6. Enter the Incoming Server, (PORT 110)
7. Check use Global Inbox to store mail locally, otherwise it will be stored in a separate folder.
8. Enter the Outgoing Server, (PORT 27)
10. Enter your full email address as the Incoming user name ( unless is printed next to the box )
11. Enter a title for your Account Name
12. Confirm the information is correct and click Finish

Note for configuration:

With SSL:

IMAP: 993
POP3: 995
SMTP: 465
Incoming Server:
Outgoing Server:

Without SSL:

Incoming Server:
IMAP: 143
POP3: 110
Outgoing Server:
SMTP: 25 or  27



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