How to manage cookies in Internet Explorer

A cookie is a piece of text that is stored on your computer by a web browser. Cookies can be used to store login info, preferences and shopping cart data. Many websites require cookies to be enabled before you can access them.

1) To see options to manage cookies, open the menu.

2) Go to Internet Options.


3) Click the Privacy tab.

4) Drag the slider to the top to decline all cookies from all sites.


This isn't advisable since doing so will make many websites unusable.


5) Drag the slider to the bottom to accept cookies from all sites.

6) A setting in the middle should be fine for most cases.

7) Click Advanced for more options.


8) Checking this box overrides automatic cookie handling.


Now you can set your own custom options that will determine how first and third-party cookies are handled.


9) Check this box to allow session cookies.

10) Click OK.


11) Click Sites.


This window lets you allow or block cookies from specific domains.

12) Type the address of a website.


13) Click Allow if you want to automatically accept all cookies from this domain.

14) Choose Block to decline all cookies from this site.


15) Click OK.

16) Click OK to close the options window.


That's it! Now you know how to manage cookies in Internet Explorer.

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