How do I unblock my IP?

If you got a message that your IP address is blocked in our Standard Linux Hosting servers, you have the option to unblock it from your Billing Portal.

  • Login to the Billing Portal using your email address on your account :

  • Click My Services ( on leftside menu bar )

  • Click the icon to the right of 'Next Due Date' corresponding to the Standard Linux Web Hosting plan you have with us

  • Scroll down and click "Check Firewall Block".  This is how you can know if your IP address is blocked, and if so unblock it.

Note: This will work for our Standard Linux Web Hosting customers only.

More information (also printed in your support portal area) :

Cannot connect to the server? Read below for information We enforce a strict security and firewall systems on all of our servers to prevent abuse and attacks from outside of our network. If you are unable to connect to your server/account at the moment, please click the Check IP Status button below to check if you are blocked in our firewall.

If blocked, you will be able to request an automatic unblock from our firewall.You should be able to access the server within 10 minutes of clicking the button below. Please make sure you do not have any FAILED log in attempt afterwards. Our firewall trace every single failed log in attempt to your account. This includes, failed attempt to access FTP, cPanel, and email.

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