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4GoodHosting.com is a great choice that brings you the latest online service that allows you to build your own website with our high-performance website builder that takes advantage of artificial design intelligence.

For a free test drive, go to LAUNCH DEMO 01 to see how easy it is to create your own professional-looking website for your small business or medium website within minutes - with hundreds of templates to choose from. There is no free version of the website builder with the free plan, but you can add website builder access to the business plan for an extra $12.00 a year, and it's included as a free option with the advanced plan.

If You Build It – They Will Come

Let's face it. The reason we are looking for a new website builder in the first place is that we have something we want people to see. Whether we use our Canadian web builder to create a personal site with pictures of the puppies or an ecommerce site – we want people to see what we have. That is why you want to utilize our site builder and additional features.

4GoodHosting's Canadian Website Builder has the answer to all your website building needs. In addition to helping you build a new blogger, gallery, ecommerce, or personal website, we can also transfer your site from WordPress.org, Wix ADI, or similar widgets/plugins to our hosting services with SSD servers. We also provide SEO tools for those looking to rise up the ranks in search engines or improve page speed, in accordance with best practices. With more visibility and clicks on your webpages, it's much easier to boost conversions without having to spend too much time outside of your business processes.


Just a few years ago, "blog" was a word that you heard from your child when they were first learning to speak. Now, weblogs (blogs) are the "in" thing on the internet, and why not? Nothing makes it simpler for you to post your poem or upload your pictures to a great platform and get feedback from your particular internet community as simply as the blog post. Whether you're hosting a blog on your professional website or simply publishing multiple books worth of insights to your personal website or in different languages for multilingual websites, we have you covered.

4GoodHosting.com has what must be the easiest website builder available today for creating your blog. You just follow a few simple steps, and you will be blogging with the best of them.


We all have that collection of favorite photos taken over the years that we would like for Grandma and Aunt Sue to be able to see. Maybe you are a photographer with a catalog of pictures to display on your wedding website or on your mobile site for smaller screens. Whatever photo gallery needs that different photographers have, this new easy drag and drop website builder will make it as simple as two clicks on the mouse to publish those pictures to the world.

Ecommerce Store

It seems like you can buy just about anything you want on the internet today. If you want to get into the internet marketing business, 4GoodHosting has the site builder for you. With this tool, you can set up your own online store and begin peddling your wares to an international market. What used to take weeks and an army of programmers is now at your fingertips with our ecommerce features.

Website Builders are a great option to get your web presence established. As with any "out-of-the-box" solution, there are limitations. That is where the talented designers and programmers of 4GoodHosting.com come in. They are always there to build a custom site for you or fill in that area where the new small business website templates don't go. The best of both worlds – that is what you get when you do business with 4GoodHosting.com.

We understand that it's essential for any kind of website to be able to prove its credibility, especially for nonprofits, small business owners, and .org domain sites, which is why we can also provide an SSL certificate through our partnership with GeoTrust. These certificates do require a dedicated IP address, so there's no such thing as a free SSL certificate, but our Rapid SSL certificate is available for the affordable price of $20 per year. This will help you build the kind of brand recognition and reliability you need to convince visitors to trust your information and make shoppers feel safe using their credit cards.

Website Builder Packages

Canada website builder included: When you sign up for our Canada website package, you receive an online website builder along with your Canadian web hosting package. We also provide a website control panel, which allows you to add email accounts, check your website statistics through detailed analytics, and you can pick up your web-based email. Our Business & Advanced accounts include a free domain transfer or domain registry. You can't go wrong with these key features.

Free domain registration: We are more than just a Canadian web hosting company. We are a domain registrar that provides free domains with any web hosting account and Canadian domain registration. We will even take care of complete custom designs. We are Canada's #1 online website builder and website hosting company.

Please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team to discuss the best option and pricing plan for you, whether that's a free account, basic plan, premium plan, or ecommerce plan, or to address any queries you may have about our drag and drop interface builder, new features, SEO features, free domain name registration or transfer, and any other services. Fill out a contact form, reach our customer service team by phone, or stay in constant contact through our live chat platform.

We're so confident that we're the right choice for you that we even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on our hosting packages. No questions asked. This is just one more way that we strive to be the best option in hosting service providers for website owners in Canada and the United States.